PM Greece in collaboration with the Certification Body PMG-Cert offers exclusively in Greece the IPMA certification in Greek and English. The certifications issued in Greece are fully recognized and equivalent to those issued in all countries where IPMA operates.

The IPMA certification based on ICB3 was completed at the end of June 2019 with the conduct of the final examinations. Examination or re-examination or re-certification with ICB3 is no longer possible for all certification levels (D, C, B and A) and any scores obtained can not be transferred to the new examination system.

Applications for certification / review / re-certification for all levels (D, C, B and A) are no longer accepted.

More information about IPMA certification can be found on the IPMA website.

The IPMA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct is available here.

The code of ethics & professional conduct of the certified with the IPMA system is available here.

Detailed information on the IPMA certification process in Greece with the old system (ICB3) can be found here.

Basic Application Forms

Applications are no longer accepted. The new application forms will be available here with the announcement of the new examination system.

Basic Connections

Information about the IPMA Certification process (old system)
Basic bibliography (old system): ICB – 3, PM Baseline-3.0

Basic book in Greek by Konstantinos Dirvanis & Triantafyllos Katsarelis: Project Management
Basic book in Greek by Paris Pantouvakis: Project Management with the IPMA Standard

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