Certified Project Manager

  • The IPMA Level C Project Management Certificate certifies that the certificate holder has the competencies of a project manager within a moderately complex project environment within the organization. Level C can be applied for by persons who have competencies in management of standard projects and they can demonstrate this through the process of testing knowledge, skills, and abilities in practice.
  • In the last six years, the applicant must have at least three years of experience as a project manager in projects of moderate complexity or at least three years of experience in a responsible position within the project to assist the project manager in complex projects.

Application procedure

  • The candidate must submit to the e-mail info@ipma-greece.gr CV, certification application form, summary of the project report, self-assessment form, references, and management complexity assessment form.
  • After determining the admissibility of the application, the certification body invites the candidate to pay the certification fees or provide proof of the payment already made.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, the candidate is given the task of preparing a report on the example of a project determined by the certification body between the projects described in the summary of the report. The candidate must demonstrate satisfactory evidence in 80% of the competency elements within the corresponding domain defined in ICB 4.0. The report must be prepared and submitted in e-form to the e-mail cert@ipma.hr within a maximum of 90 calendar days since the task was issued.
  • Upon successful completion of the project report, the certification body grants the candidate access to the written exam. The candidate must demonstrate satisfactory evidence in 50% of the competency elements within the relevant domain defined in ICB 4.0.
  • After successfully passing the written exam, the certification body invites the candidate for a final interview.
  • After the interview, the certification body makes a final assessment and for a positive outcome, the candidate is issued an IPMA level C certificate.

Documents that the candidate should study when applying for certification of competencies and issuance of IPMA certificates:

  • IPMA ICB4 – „Temeljne individualne kompetencije za upravljanje projektima (knjiga 1)“ is an IPMA standard in which project management competencies are defined and described. The book contains basic material for exam preparation.

Documents submitted by candidates when applying for certification:

  • CV
  • Certification and recertification application form – includes all the necessary personal data so that the certification body can identify the candidate and process the data required for the applicant and make a decision on access to the certification process.
  • Self-assessment – a form by which the candidate conducts his/her own assessment of competencies in knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Summary of the project report – The report may have a maximum of 15 pages and contains:
    • organization (details of the company, industry, and types of projects, main objectives of the company, and the business unit in which the applicant works);
    • a one-page summary for each project with related timelines and phases and resources available;
    • the role of the applicant (organizational chart with established position, area of responsibility, review of project management procedures they use, relationship with internal and external stakeholders);
    • how the candidate led the project and how he/she meets the complexity criteria for the level for which he/she is applying.
  • Assessment of management complexity – the form is used by candidates and assessors to assess the complexity of project management and serves to qualify the experience. The form contains ten indicators of complexity. A full description of each indicator is included in all worksheets.

Κόστος Πιστοποίησης/Εξέτασης

Level C

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Κόστος Επαναπιστοποίησης (πριν την λήξη του πιστοποιητικού)

Level C

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