The Network of Project Managers in Greece (EDDE) is a recognized scientific association that aims to promote project management. It was established informally in 2001 as and officially in 2005 with the 6461 decision of the Athens Court of First Instance. The statute of E.D.D.E. is published here. It is the oldest relevant Association in our country.

In 2006 it was admitted to IPMA (International Project Management Association). of which he is a permanent member until today.

EDDE has organized or co-organized international conferences in Thessaloniki (2004), Athens (2005), Chios (2008), Crete (2010) and has hosted the 26th IPMA World Conference in Greece (2012 ). He has organized a series of workshops, lectures, trainings and workshops and has participated in the research programs nCPM and profPM co-financed by the GSRT with partners of the National Technical University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, TEE, Egnatia Odos A. E., the Headquarters of ATE and other bodies.

The E.D.D.E. in collaboration with IPMA Hrvatska offer exclusively in Greece the international IPMA certification of 4 levels. IPMA certification is the only one based on the certification of personal skills and therefore is compatible with ISO 21500: 2012 and other project managers certification systems related to processes.

The application for registration of a Member in the ECHR is accessible here