IPMA Young Crew Greece

We are a network of young professionals and students up to 35 years old, enthusiastic about project management. The Young Crew is a key component in IPMA development and the formation of tomorrow’s leaders.
The Greek Young Crew was created in 2021 and since its foundation has been actively participating in international events and competitions. It also organizes information conferences and meetings between members.

Our Mission

To develop and promote project management among young people:
• Developing their skills
• Ensuring global recognition of their achievements
• Providing advice
• Providing the environment for interaction with the world of project management internationally

International Competitions - Events

The Project Manager of the Year award is one of the IPMA awards given each year to recognize and motivate new professional project managers around the world. This Competition highlights emerging talents in project and program management in the early stages of their careers, recognizing their skills depending on the scale, complexity and type of project. Evaluation focuses on the quality of the individual and not the project.

Unleash your talent - Claim an international award!

The global Young Crew Workshop is a three-day event organized each year by one of the many Young Crew around the world. Achieves contact of trainers in the field of project management with young professionals and students from all fields who are united by their passion for project management. Interactive workshops, exciting speakers and networking events provide an exciting experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

The "Global eCollaboration Competition" (GeCCo) is a 24-hour international competition based on a hypothetical scenario.

Young project managers from around the world compete in teams in a virtual environment for 24 hours. Keynote speakers suggest new ways for decentralized groups to work together. The competition is addressed to all new project managers from countries with an active Young Crew department, with basic knowledge on the IPMA project management model. Participants are selected by the national YCs that have entered the competition.

Global PM Days is a 2-day conference on project management that brings together the world’s leading keynote speakers. It takes place twice a year, online, and aims to help young professionals who want to improve – develop their project management skills.

More information

Young Crew Greece events

The first event took place in May 2020 and while the Greek Young Crew had not received full recognition from the international body.

The second event took place in February 2021 and was a two-day conference.