Certified Project Management Associate

  • The IPMA level D certificate for project management certifies that the certificate holder has extensive knowledge in the field of project management and that he/she can work in a project team. Level D can be applied for by either young people with knowledge but no formal experience in project management or people with experience and knowledge in project management working in a project team.

Application procedure

The IPMA ICB4 document regulates the IPMA certification procedure.

  • The candidate must submit to the e-mail info@ipma-greece.gr a CV, a certification application form, and a self-assessment form
  • After determining the admissibility of the application, the certification body invites the candidate to pay the certification fees or provide proof of the payment already made.
  • After making the payment, the candidate takes a written exam in which he/she must demonstrate knowledge of 80% of the elements of competencies within the project management domain, defined in the IPMA ICB4 document.
  • After passing the exam, the candidate is issued an IPMA level D certificate.

Documents that the candidate should study when applying for certification of competencies and issuance of IPMA certificates:

Documents submitted by candidates when applying for certification:

  • CV
  • Certification and recertification application form – which includes all the necessary personal data so that the certification body can identify the candidate and process the data required for the applicant and make a decision on access to the certification process.
  • Self-assessment – a form by which the candidate conducts his/her own assessment of competencies in knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Κόστος Πιστοποίησης/Εξέτασης

Level D

Αρχική Τιμή 475,00 €

Κόστος Επαναπιστοποίησης (πριν την λήξη του πιστοποιητικού)

Level D

Αρχική Τιμή 235,00 €